Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Crafty Pumpkins

Last month during a blog hop (how fun are those!) I saw the cutest little pumpkins here:  septemberninth.blogspot.com.  She has all the instructions and even a video.  I knew the minute I saw them that I would be making them.  Well I've actually ended up making 3 sets... one for me and 2 for my best friends each!  These are sooo easy and a really affordable craft.  Those with kids... as long as you do the hot gluing I'm thinking the kiddos could help with wrapping/tucking the fabric around the toilet paper.

So here's the first set I made....

Not the greatest picture but you get the idea.  What do ya think?  I adore them and think they are just too cute!!!  

For all the instructions and supplies click the link ^^^ up there ;)  Ruthie did an awesome  job with showing step by step instructions and pictures.  

Thanks for looking :)



  1. I was actually going to make some too, I was saving it for the weekend. I love them, they're so cute! TFS! :)

  2. I love these! I thought about making them as well LOL. Thanks for sharing yours and reminding me :)