Saturday, September 25, 2010

A couple layouts

Happy Saturday!  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  So far it's been a great day.  I was up early to finish up on my housework and get out all my fall decorations.  I looove this time of year and getting out all my fall decor.  Granted, where I'm at we don't get much of a change in seasons... but the calendar says fall, so I go with it :) The weather is perfection right now... I've got all the windows open and there's a nice little breeze coming through.  I watched a couple DVR'd shows (man, my DVR was smoking this week with all the new show premieres,  LOL).  I finally got to sit down at my craft table.  Ahhh... just makes me so relaxed.

Thought I'd share a few quick layouts I did.  These are just 8x8 size for a Disneyland album I'm working on.  For me, there is no better time to go to Disney than the holidays.  Man, do they know how to do it up!  (Did you know they make it snow at night during December.  Right here in So. Calif -- SNOW!!!  Well... fake snow, but still it's snows!  It's so cool)  I went with some friends to spend the day at Disneyland during the holidays and decided to just do a small 8x8 album for these pictures.

These pictures are from the Haunted Mansion...

This picture isn't very good but they deck out the Haunted Mansion like the movie Nightmare Before Christmas.  It's crazy but fun.  So that's the deal w/ the skulls.  The sign in the picture says "Haunted Mansion Holiday" and it's right at the entrance of the Haunted Mansion.  So this page... the patterned paper is from DCWV Midnight Spell Stack.  The 2 skulls I cut from Indie Art and the little Santa hat is cut from Joys of the Season. 

Here's a couple more pictures from around the Mansion...

The patterned paper here is from KI Memories (I love that paper with the dots).  The pumpkins I cut from October 31st and just stacked them up.  

Super simple pages.  I'm just wanting to get them in an album.  Next I'm working on some Toon Town pictures.... and I just dropped my letters I cut out earlier behind my desk.  Guess it's time to go dig them out... what a pain.  LOL  So I'm off to go do that and some more crafting.  :)

Thanks for looking and I hope you are all enjoying your weekends. 


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  1. Love the LO! The pumpkins are perfect for the Jack Skellington page (I LOVE HIM!) Great job, TFS! :)