Friday, August 27, 2010


In a long line of crafty chicks in my family it all starts with my Grams.  She was an amazing crafter.  Not with paper and glue, which is my chosen love, but she is a fabulous seamstress, quilter, painter, crocheter, knitter, doll maker, she was so good at so many different things.

The past couple years her body has started failing her.  The mind is sharp as a tack, just her body is losing and time is winning.  :(  Her hands have really been affected so crafting is something in the past for her.  I know she misses it and that makes me sad for her.

Since she has a hard time getting out and about but still remembers EVERYONE's birthday (seriously, she remembers everything!) every couple months I crank out some super easy cards for her to send to family and friends.  This is what I came up for her this time around....

Very simple, even for me and I'm a super simple card maker/scrapper.  Standard card base.  Circle was punched w/ my big jumbo circle punch (which is hiding from me somewhere since I made these cards... hmmm time to organize and straighten up!).  The stripped patterned paper was from my scraps, but I believe it's old KI Memories.  The green plaid and polka dot paper for my cupcake frosting is from the DCWV Stack 7.  The cupcake I cut out with the Solutions Home Decor cartridge.  I used my Design Studio and did the Hide Contour feature for the cherry on top of the cupcake because I didn't want it on these.  I also used the Hide Contour feature to cut all my tops out at once, than my cupcake wrappers.  Saved paper that way.  

I think that's it.  Pretty easy.  Thanks for taking a look.


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