Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Forever Young Project

So let me share a little something with you... When I first see a new Cricut cartridge, almost always, I *have* to have it.  Than I think about it and wonder how much will I really use it, do I *really* need it, etc, etc.  I usually talk myself out of getting it.  Than.... it somehow ends up in my stash ;)

That's how I felt about Forever Young.  When I first saw the previews I thought how adorable, gotta get it. Than I thought, eh... not sure I'll use it that much.  Well than after seeing so many cute projects being done with it (the Cricut msg. board is enabler central, gah!) I put it on my maybe list.  One late night cruising ebay... she found her way to my house (and for under $20 bucks, score!).  

I did some practice cuts when I first got it, used a couple phrases on scrapbook pages than came up with this idea.....

My office/crafty space is done in pink/white/red.  I have had these 6x6 frames for a few years I think.  They came from the good ol' Target dollar spot and I bought a bunch of them.  Well one day I saw them in my craft closet and came up with this idea.  Right by my craft desk I have a little wall space that these 3 pictures will hang on vertically.  I just think they are too cute.  All of it was made going through my scraps, except the mats and you can barely see them in this picture, but they are red and pink under the white.  

Thanks for taking a look!


ps-- forgive the boring blog look.  I'm trying to spruce it up... so it will definitely be changing.

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